Addattach is the virtual career community that connects professionals and employers through a sophisticated video format that can start an important career dialogue.

Addattach has surpassed conventional job search by moving candidates off the one-dimensional printed page into a live setting where they can share in person their skills, experiences and personalities. With this capability, Addattach has become a trusted partner in job search strategy.

The career videos are hosted on the Addattach website where candidates can select open access for employers seeking new talent or choose viewing by private password. Whether search candidates are seeking a new position or moving to this new-generation search technology, Addattach is the right catalyst for change.

The Addattach team is guided by Len Irish whose work includes portraiture for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune and others. He has photographed numerous leaders from the worlds of finance, entertainment, and politics. Candidates can be sure that Len and his team will put their career in the best possible light. At Addattach, our goal is to stand on great production values and create career video portraits that are meaningful to clients and employers alike.